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I Do Not Know...

So yeah, with every day I am realizing that my boyfriend is not the right person for me; we have already decided that we are not staying together as soon as I leave for college (my decision). But now I am not sure if I even want to stay with him for the rest of the minmally left summer. I feel like his actions towards me are becoming increasingly inconsiderate and that all he's interested in is getting into my pants and figuring out more creative ways to lie to me. He's attempting to tell me everything I "want" to hear and its becoming more and more obvious and bullsh*t like. I may not be right, but I beleive I am. I told him about my very sick grandfather and his response showed me that he was not even listening to me; he told me he was upset that we could not go to the beach together today and that he wants to party with me...um no! Some things (most things) are more important that hooking up, going to the beach, and partying). I love my grandfather to death and his inconsiderate and superficial remark hurt me. Our relationship from my point of view is very superficial because it is based on looks and enjoyable hookups. He says that he loves talking to me and that I'm one of the most interesting people he has ever met, but that is not my opinion of him. Our feelings are not mutual. I am just confused and do not know how to let him know that I do not wish to date him any further...because even though he is superficial and does not know it, I do not desire to hurt him. Oh well...more thought. Looks and sexiness...equal short fun flings, which this was.
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