Elinischka (dance17t) wrote,

Well Then...

Hmmm, well I went to J's grad party today; it was very nice and getting lost on the way was a small adventure! Oh yes! I visited my grandfather last night and that was great because I have missed him sooo much! He was diagnosed with having glacoma and is going blind in one eye and it is horrible. I wish I could always be there for him, but due to everything I cannot. I wish he could move to Boston next year so I could visit him any time I wanted, but life is life and phones are helpful! No matter the distance my grandfather is amazing!

Soon my friend J. comes home from France and I am looking forward to this sooo much! I miss her and the DC trip shall be sexxxy hot! I have so much to talk to her about and she gives great advice *hug* to you in France! Hit on french guyz and eat many pastries for me! hehe Living vicariously at the moment could work maybe hehe!

Right now I am happy and everything is going pretty well :)! Just missing my friends who are far away and dreaming in oil paints.
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