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Well prom was AMAZING to say it minimally; i had one of the best times of my life at prom and tent city. Dancing and more dancing and more dancing cha cha cha & woo hoo!!! I danced all night until 5 am...but then it kicked in and i'm sick now. But it was definatly worth it :)!!! For one night I forgot everything except how to have a blast! All of my dancing partners were great hehe and I danced w/ many people I ordinarily would not have. Quite a night!

Graduation was nice and left me with a wierd nastalgic feelingof happiness as well as sadness due to all of the people I may not see again.

Graduation parties were great fun and I had conversations with people I usually never see and it was very enjoyable and sweet! Go fire works and cartwheels and cake! hehe...and the giving out of numbers ;)! Maybe scandel maybe not!

I realized once again one of my former best friends has changed into a fake person who I do not trust and admire and respect anymore, unfortunatly. I do not believe we will ever be true friends again due to our differences, due to her hypocritical behavior. I will not attempt anymore to save a dying rose because I have no power to bring our friendship back to life. I have pretty much accepted this. I wish the very best for her and I hope she realized her contradictory fake behavior, learns more about herself, and acts like herself. Until then, there is no point is wasting energy and feeling pain. Till the next entry, aurevoir~*~
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