Elinischka (dance17t) wrote,

PMS session over! hehe

Even though I learned about Steven Silversteins suicide last night and it was a very emotional and unfortunate time, I talked to one of my friends, D., about it and she comforted me and we discussed many issues and I feel so much better! The horrid thing about this young boys death is that it could have been prevented by his parents and teachers..., which is usualy the case with suicides and depression. Harrassement is tormenting and needs to end and parents and teachers need to enforce this!

This weekend: clubbing, clubbing, projects, jill's house, ice cream hehe! hot hot; oh yeah! and sending a post card to my friend in France! I wish I was in Europe and dancing under the glimmering stars with music playing to my heart beat. That would make me exstatic...as would many other things hehe!
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