Elinischka (dance17t) wrote,


When will my dad take responsibility for his children? Hmmm at this rate...never. He wont help me move into my dorm and is sending my brother to help me move in. He apparently doesnt care for my living conditions or to spend time with me. Lovely how he hasnt visited me all summer in Boston. But he bought me a digital camera and shoes, so he feels he is a good father. We have different opinions. I wonder if he will miss me when he grows up(emotionally and age-wise). I hope he starts missing me soon while I still have the ability to forgive him. Maybe responsibility for one's children is not innate, I just wish it were. Atleast I have the most amazing loving caring grandfather. I just wish I had it all nomatter how cliche that sounds. Goodnight and in 5 hours I will be leaving to Montreal with my love.
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