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Last weekend was beautiful; I went to Hayanis Beach on the Cape. The water was perfect and so was the sun and the sand and Ilya *muah*. This day consisted of playing in the water, running around, sitting near Eastern European boys who were typical, and buying a book of art made by mental health patients in Germany during Hitler's rule.

If Bush wins then my mom wont get her job back...shes a teacher and was layed off due to lack of funds she Bush decided were better spend on bombing children...because that makes sense. I wish that people's ability to conceive children resulted from intellect and morale and responsibility. BUT that is not the case...oh well and baby Bush was conceived. rrrrrr Also if this were the case then hundreds of thoasands of children in South America and other third world areas, would not be born into impoverished horrid circumstances to parents who cannot afford to take care of them financially or emotionally.

I cannot stand controlling people> I will not have to deal with them!!! yey

I am living in a single in the Russian house next year.....OMG YESSSSS! No more roomate nightmares of being sexiled daily and having to fabrease hourly the laundry one had not washed in a whole semester. No more wondering why the shampoo and soap were never used up and why there was a complete lack of deodorant. No more 4 am phone calls. No more manipulation and rumors and pity and regret. And less alergies from the dust that was never cleaned. :) NO MORE NO MORE

Everyone has to read A Breakfast of Champions by Vonnegut; hillarious, cynical, shocking, blunt, "turns pronography into fixing a pipe," was what one reveiwer stated. It pionts out the depression of American life with idealism and experimentation.
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