Elinischka (dance17t) wrote,

Reflection on Freshman Year of College

Oh my gosh...the year I was waiting for my whole life actually happened; I dreamed and prayed for freshman year of college ever since elementary school. It is finished and it was WONDERFUL!!! :) :) :) I feel like I already knew myself so well because of everything that has happened to me, but I adapted well and analyzed myself even more.

I met my best friend here, Allison!! on the second day...woohooo!! Shes amazing and caring and fun and sweet and intelligent and understanding, etc etc etc. And she knows how to dance and dump bad bad boys! Then I met my other best friend Beth second semester and she is so caring and hospitable and would always let me stay in her room when I would have trouble with the person I was living with rrrr rrrr rrrr and smells! You would think people would learn how to shower, do laundry, and vacuum before coming to college, I guess some people are just behind in their development. But 19 I would think is a good age to learn! omg...what an experience dealing with someone who smells. I would fabreze every time she left the room but it never fully worked.

I learned:

how much stress I can handle

I am so much happier living away from my family! especially my dad!

If boys ask you to come to their apartment late at night, its not to just talk!

To never date an egyptian or a practicing muslim...just dont
(It was a rebellious act against my dad)

That I have the ability to have a normal healthy loving caring relationship, which I never thought would be possible for me because of my family life. I am so happy with my boyfriend now :).

It can always get better. It can always get worse.

No matter what happens, I should just be thankful for living in America.

Some friendships will never be the same and to let go.

I dont like being drunk.

To open myself up even more to new ideas and different types of people.

I'm not alone in certain issues.

To study more next semester.

Dont date anyone out of pity...it never works out.

To respect myself even more and to love more things about myself.

To be more honest with myself.

I have more things to be thankful for than I can count!

I want to conquer the world with hugs and maybe even kisses!

To break up with people in a calm logical way and remain friendly.

I dont like smoking at all.

Doing manuel volunteer labor for spring break is not that rewarding.

Hooking up with someone else after a breakup only makes me feel worse.

Its a good thing sometimes to lose touch with some people...

Some people will never give up! wtf? my ex from last summer still leaves me phone messages! I have never returned them. It is time to stop.

I dont have to be traveling somewhere all the time to be happy, its not where you are its who you are with.

I love my friends even more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Gaugain.

I love teaching and tutoring kids, especially sweet cute masha with her Clifford obsession.

I think I might want to be an inner city charter high school art teacher.

I think I will go dance around my room now out of happiness! *MUAH*

-To be continued
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